Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Baptism to Remember


Caroline Jean Corrigan was baptized this past Sunday at the First Congregational Church of Bristol. It is a day that will live in our memories for years to come. There a few reasons for this besides the fact that it was a beautiful day filled with family who love this sweet girl and an ideal day for a celebration.
You may already have a hunch from observing the bottom picture... but we'll get to that in a little bit!

Top two memorable moments:

Our minister tells us that her friend mailed her a bottle of water from the Middle East. This was not just any water but water from the Jordan River. What an unexpected surprise! To have our daughter baptized with the water from where Jesus himself was baptized. I hope one day our sweet Caroline realizes how truly amazing this is. No words...

As for the second memorable moment... well that is not quite as serious (although it sure seemed it while it was happening)! I'll paint the picture for you. Beautiful hymn and a silent prayer. Caroline sitting nicely in Jim's lap. Sweet baby in a frilly white dress. Then the sound of a baby loading her pants. Our baby. Then the smell. Then... a look of terror on Jim's face. Absolute, sheer panic. Church was not over. What were we to do? Thank goodness for family. Packets of tissues and then wet paper towels coming at us from all directions! Needless to say we left before church was completely over. We were just grateful this did not happen before  we stood up in front of the church with Caroline! You just have to laugh, right?

Lessons Learned...

Life with a child is full of surprises - it is what keeps life interesting.

Always find the humor in situations that may not always seem humorous at the time.

Be grateful for family - because they will be there for you in "stinky" situations.

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  1. That was very exciting to hear Caroline was going to be baptized in the waters of the Jordan. I think that is quite a blessing indeed.

    If I may add, you guys handled Caroline's other "christening" quite well. This is going to be one of those cute stories that simply reflects the realities of life...babies are people and as a wise person once said, "everybody poops."